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Desert Stone and Cactus Spine
the stones of this desert are made of words
and every spine on any cactus
is a painful point
begging to be driven deep by a tense silence
There was a desert where the sun stayed high
Ever blue as a heartbreak was that forever sky
Above the dust-devil washes where I ran as a child
Among the ripples of sand dunes that stretched out for miles
I wandered alone and learned to be wild
Back in those days, the stones used to fly
And dodging and ducking, to throw back I'd try
But their rain was so heavy, and it hurt when they hit!
So I'd run to my sand dunes, and I'd curse stones a bit
And I'd swear on my soul to someday make those stones quit
I stayed in my desert and swallowed my tears
When I was pelted with stones by the ones that I feared
'Till I discovered the cactus and the points I could make
With the cactus I found the stones easy to take
So as a child I used cactus for my own shildish sake
Now I'm older, I'm prone to deny
Those bright empty days 'neath that heartbroken sky
I don't want
:iconthe-madder-hatter:The-Madder-Hatter 0 1
The Keep
The Tower has grown dark and cold
full of little many-legged things
Forever dancing on the slimy floor
The Keep of my heart
When the walls began,
Oh! I fashioned them with small child's hands
So time drifted, and as I grew
It was no surprise that the walls did too
And I fooled the little dancer that came to play
With my child's heart in those dreary days
I'd grit my teeth and stay alone
My castle's Keep, my heart of Stone.
Four courses high, I wasn't even twenty
But I'd mined so much stone I knew there was plenty
I'd just barely started, Ten courses high!
I smiled at the world and turned twenty-five
I was trapping the dancers that came to play
With my stoney heart in those dreary days
I loved the pain, it made my life real
Love it? My God! It was all I could feel!
I turned around and turned thirty-seven
The stone of my heart was almost to heaven
So I put it down, but my heart could not smile
So I sighed and I frowned and walked alone for a while
But the weather was bad, and the trail g
:iconthe-madder-hatter:The-Madder-Hatter 3 8
Low and Cold
The glacier is silent and still
It forms slowly
Layer upon layer
The hardest ice is down low
Some ancient snowfall (buried like a memory)
Of a winter that did not end
A spring that never came
The droplets that collect below the hard ice
Cold tears of a million captured moments
Dance forever away from the glacial grip
A timid waltz
That ends with them huddled together
Under the heavy darkness
Unwilling to venture beyond the frozen shelter
That seeks aways to reclaim them
From droplet to puddle, from puddle to pool
To a great shadowy lake
Where the dark water swims with hungry ghosts
Born of a stormy past
The glacier is silent and still
But beneath the black ice
The melting of the past forms an ebony lake
Where something hunts in the darkness
Way down low, and cold.
:iconthe-madder-hatter:The-Madder-Hatter 1 1
The demon consumes by The-Madder-Hatter The demon consumes :iconthe-madder-hatter:The-Madder-Hatter 1 0
And the Rain falls
Bolting from the brushes the Creature moved black glistening claws extended tearing at the over growth of unlucky forest saplings of SuriGuard Forest- Black pupil-less eyes taking in the world in mounting fury- yet fear was there- a pain. The canine creature whirled around sniffing at the night air puffs of steam leaving it's nostrils as it tried to sniff out it's enemy- The Werewolf tried desperately to clear it's thoughts to a more logical level to out-smart this foe- but again and again the tormenting animalistic tendencies would take hold. One clawed hand clamped firmly against it's lower abdomen a river of scarlet slowly seeping through the dark brown dingy fur Slowly it's lips peels back showing rows of yellowing teeth as it snarled ears slowly flattening as it kept it's eyes set in the direction it had fled fromů.
He had been following the once human Donavin Jinks for over Six months now- having finally found him in the safety of SuriGuard's woods- Salem was only here in
:iconthe-madder-hatter:The-Madder-Hatter 0 2

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